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Residential Phone Service

Stay in touch with your family and friends with the most reliable and widely used home phone service available. Xchange Telecom is the answer for value and service you can count on.
You need peace of mind that you receive clear, reliable connections, and the highest level of customer service available.

Thousands of customers have chosen Xchange Telecom as their first choice when it comes to obtaining the home phone service they need, with the customer service they deserve.
Xchange Telecom has all of the popular calling features and plans that fit your needs - at a low monthly price – giving you the most value you want and deserve.

With local, regional, long distance and international calling plans - you will find the plan you need at the price you want.

Take advantage of our special features:

  • Caller ID - Shows you who's calling before you pick up the phone
  • Call Waiting - In-Call notification of incoming calls
  • Call Waiting ID - Displays incoming number even while on the phone
  • 3-Way Calling - Conference in a third number when you're on the phone
  • Anonymous Call Rejection - Rejects callers who blocked Caller ID
  • Call Forwarding - Sends your incoming calls to anoteher telephone number
  • Voice Mail - Get one voice mailbox to retrieve all voice mail messages
  • Toll Free - Allows family and friends to call you from wherever they are

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