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Xchange Telecom’s private line services are a dedicated connection for your company and your company alone. These circuits are, by definition, not shared with your neighbors or the Internet. These are the data pipes that the Internet is built upon. Perfect for any type of telecom or datacom – voice, data, Internet, etc. All offered on Xchange’s own proprietary fiber, wireless and copper network – a network that is expanding all the time throughout our coverage area. Please contact your account team for an in depth analysis of whether your business can have access to a private communications network – often at or below the cost of a shared network. Exceptional value, totally secure, flexible and reliable – Xchange’s private line services can be the perfect fit for your networking needs.

  • Low Cost - High Reliability
  • Scalable Connectivity
  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • Synchronous Speeds of 10 gbps
  • Add Bandwidth as You Need It

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