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Take advantage of the many benefits unified communications can offer in the converged digital era while reducing costs

Xchange Telecom's SIP Trunks reduce your monthly phone costs by converging local, long distance and broadband Internet services onto a single circuit without having to replace or upgrade your existing phone system. Our SIP Trunks include a dynamic trunk allocation feature, temporarily allowing for more trunk channels to accommodate bursts of traffic, increasing call completion rates and never giving your callers a busy signal.

Xchange Telecom’s SIP Trunks are the perfect solution for your business today, and for the future. We make it easy and affordable to buy what you need now, and add more trunks as your business grows.

Xchange Telecom prides itself on being a leading SIP Trunk Provider, making sure you have the fastest and most reliable connections while maintaining our high standard of customer service.

Thousands of customers have chosen Xchange Telecom as their first choice when it comes to getting the SIP Trunks they need with the customer service they deserve.

Xchange provides connectivity from a name you know and trust, backed by years of experience, with the highest level of customer service. It’s simply the best SIP value for your business.

  • Works with any PBX
  • Cheaper long distance rates
  • Number portability - keep your existing number
  • Buy as you grow
  • Dynamic Trunk Allocation in Real-Time
  • Use your existing broadband
  • Clear definition voice clarity with high-call-capacity routing

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