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Xchange increases reliability and lowers the cost of sending and receiving faxed documents

Xchange offers a new way to make your fax transmissions rock solid and more reliable while also reducing your current fax-related costs. It's as simple as connecting a telephone line. Our FaxScan service easily integrates with any existing fax machine significantly reducing the monthly fees incurred by a dedicated analog telphone line. Utilizing the latest in file transfer technology, Xchange integrates a modified adapter that intercepts the fax, converts the fax to a PDF file and then securely encrypts and uploads the file to our Fax Server platform. From there, the fax server calls the destination number and transmits it as a fax.

FaxScan offers some great advantages for your business:

  • Reliability - FaxScan increases reliability because there's never a busy signal. Faxes go through the first time, every time.
  • Saves money - FaxScan lowers your costs by eliminating old dedicated analog phone lines and their associated monthly charges.
  • Secure transmissions - FaxScan uses the same state-of-the-art techonology employed by banks and governments.
  • Offline access - The FaxScan service receives faxes even if your fax machine is not working.
  • Instant email notification - Get alerts when a fax is received or sent - just like when you track an important packages through the mail.
  • No learning curve - All of your employees already know how to use FaxScan.
  • Cool Web Interface

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