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FaxMailPro Solution

Your business depends on a secure Faxing solution that will reduce your Fax costs, get rid of unnecessary Fax machines and lower your phone bills.
FaxMailPro from Xchange Telecom is an Enterprise Grade Hosted Fax Solution integrating powerful tracking, reporting, and management controls, while combining all of the traditional Faxing tasks into one simple system at the best value.

FaxMailPro tracks every Fax for successful, partial or failed transmissions, with secure archives allowing for centralized costs, usage reports, and easy retrievals. FaxMailPro is highly flexible and expandable with no limit to the amount of users and their setup, allowing Faxes to be routed to either individuals groups, or both. The secure web portal allows every employee to manage their Faxes wherever they are, no longer restricted to working only from the office or from the physical location of a Fax machine.

FaxMailPro provides multiple user notification options, time and user stamping, Fax scheduling, and standardized cover sheets.

It’s simply the uncontested industry market value today.

  • Easy as email
  • Never a busy signal or out of paper
  • Tracks every Fax for successful, partial or failed transmissions
  • Unlimited inbound & 10,000 outbound pages per Fax number
  • Secure Internet web portal access
  • No software or downloads needed

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