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Conference Solutions

The Conferencing Solution from Xchange Telecom is an easy to use on-demand conferencing platform. Xchange Telecom offers local and toll-free numbers for callers in different locations to join a conference, minimizing the cost of the calls.

Conferencing is access code protected, allowing the moderator to control when and who can participate in the call, as well as resetting the access codes per conference. Conferencing is easily configured through a secure web interface, allowing the moderator to view and track conference details, upload music and messages, record the current conference and schedule new ones.

Conferencing includes the special Outdial feature, enabling the moderator to make an outbound call during the conference to invite and have someone join the current conference.

When you obtain Conference Solutions from Xchange Telecom, you're getting services from a name you know and trust, backed by years of experience, with the highest level of customer service at the best value.

Conference Solutions by Xchange Telecom is the most efficient way to manage your conferencing needs:

  • Record Conference and Archive
  • Create Customized Contact Lists
  • View Conference Details
  • Outdial to Invite Participants
  • Create Customized Messages and Announcements
  • Upload Music on Hold
  • Schedule by Time and Day
  • Easily View Participants
  • Access Code Protected
  • Telephone and Web Interfaces
  • No Software or Download needed

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