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Business-grade hosted PBX.
Advanced features.
Substantial savings.

With CentralOffice from Xchange Telecom, you get a fully-featured phone system without having to invest in an expensive PBX. A system that is ultra-reliable and supported by highly-trained staff - a system that will save you money and enable you to focus on your business, not your business phone system.

CentralOffice is a Business-Grade Hosted PBX Solution integrating advanced calling features with the flexibility to stay connected anywhere in the world. Simply plug the CentralOffice phones into any Internet connection and your calls will follow you. CentralOffice provides you with the scalability and reliability you need.

  • Station-to-Station Intercom Dialing
  • Do Not Disturb 1
  • Message Waiting Indicator 2
  • Call Park/Retrieve
  • Directed Call Pick-up
  • Short Codes
  • Account Codes
  • Distinctive Ringing for Internal/External Calls
  • Call Forwarding (unconditional, busy,select, fixed)
  • Call Rejection (anonymous or selective) 3
  • Automatic Recall and Callback
  • Call Waiting (with or without Caller ID)
  • Caller ID/Calling Name (delivery and blocking)
  • SimRing 3
  • Simultaneous Multi-Location Ring 3
  • Find me Follow Me (configurable via web portal) 3
  • SoftPhone
  • FaxMail 2
  • Individual DIDs
  • Web-based Administration 1
  • AutoAttendant
  • Automated Call Distribution
  • Shared Line Appearance
  • Outgoing Call Blocking
  • Mandatory Account Codes
  • Selective Call Rejection 3
  • Anonymous Call Rejection 3
  • Call Screening 3
  • Toll Restriction
  • Business Group Dialing Plan
  • Speedial
  • lntercept Announcements
  • Multi-Line Hunt Groups
  • Music on Hold
  • Click to call (with Desktop Assistant) 6
  • Remote Worker support
  • Intercom and Paging
  • Call Recording and Monitoring
Support Videos
1 Dashboard - Snapshot of recent activity and status
2 Voice Fax - Checking Voicemail and Faxes
3 Rules - Create new call manager rules
4 Contacts - Import/Export Contacts
5 Edit Contacts - Editing your contact list
6 CommPortal Assistant - Integrate with Outlook and click to dial
7 Call Me - add a 'Call Me' button to your email signature or website

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