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Long & short duration information lines

InfoLine from Xchange Telecom is a Hosted IVR Solution specializing in offering pre-recorded lectures and community related announcements.

InfoLine is an automated multi-line IVR system ensuring your calls are always answered, preventing the frustration customers feel when they receive a busy tone.

Our "always-on" solution works both day and night, making your content available to domestic and foreign customers calling from all time zones.

InfoLine provides extended call connection times, allowing the caller to listen to an entire lecture without being cutoff. Conference calling is a special value feature, allowing multiple callers to connect to each other using any telephone.

This easy-to-design system uses a straightforward hierarchy design, making it easy for the caller to navigate the system’s options. Multiple languages allow callers to select their language of choice for the subsequent prompts and options.

InfoLine is the perfect system for:

  • Lectures
  • Advertisements
  • Surveys
  • Dedications
  • Daily Rotating Messages
  • Conference Calls
  • Special On-Time Announcements
  • Multi-level Nested Menus
  • Voicemail-Capable
  • Completely Customizable
  • Never a busy signal
  • Extended Call-Connection Times

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